Always in a Texas State of Mind, Heart and Soul

"Texas is in my Soul"

“Texas is in my Soul” State Necklace for those real lovers of their home State.

When worn in the right way, jewelry should complete your outfit while making a subtle (or even a bold) statement. Too many accessories can sometimes be overkill and detract from your outfit and the look you are going for, instead carefully select some statement pieces that will bring out the best of your outfit and personality.

This necklace is the perfect simple piece for any outfit or occasion.

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Looking for a necklace that can be worn with almost anything in your closet? This Texas State necklace is a beautiful piece to own or to buy for someone special. The necklace is stainless steel with an adjustable chain and a rustic stamped State charm. Show off your love for Texas and your Texas style with this simple yet pretty necklace.

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